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Nigel Hardy Fellowship

Through the generosity of one of our long standing members, Nigel Hardy (Heads 1935-39), income from a capital fund is available for bursaries.


Applications are very much encouraged, and over £40,000 has been distributed so far.  Please read the guidance below, and do submit an application if you think there is a fit.


Awards can only be made towards charitable objects.  These include education and travel which has an educational purpose.  School tours, sporting or otherwise, and educational trips such as field trips do qualify.  Travel during a GAP year or while undertaking further education also qualifies, but those who apply need to show that there is an educational aspect to their travels. 


Applicants must be under 26 years of age at the time of their application and will have to demonstrate that there is a good reason for financial aid.


Whilst The Old Lancing Lodge is for men (women have their own Masonic organisation) the bursaries are equally available to both sexes.


The application forms is below - or reach out to the Headmaster's Secretary -

About Nigel Hardy

Nigel Armitage Hardy was in Heads House from 1935 to 1939 and died on 7th June 1998.  His father had also been to Lancing, was a founder of the Lodge and acted as Assistant DC at the consecration.  Nigel was initiated into the Lodge in 1946 and he turned out to be a very keen and thoughtful Mason.  He remained an active member until shortly before his death.  He was also a member of Caveac Lodge.

Nigel’s wife died before him.  He had no children and it seems he had few relatives.  In his will he left 1/8th of his estate to Old Lancing Lodge and 1/8th to Caveac Lodge.  The members of the Old Lancing Lodge decided that the bulk of the bequest should be placed in the Lodge Benevolent Fund and used for charitable purposes.  Accordingly a deed of arrangement was entered.

The Lodge also decided to set up the Fellowship.  This decision was partly based on the wish to do something which would stand as a memorial to Nigel, partly to help those at the College or those who had recently left, and partly to attract new members for the Lodge.

The balance of the bequest went into the Lodge General Fund enabling members to pay reduced membership and dining fees, thus encouraging membership of the Lodge. 


Nigel is remembered during dinner on Installation nights.

The Nigel Hardy Fellowship invites Pupils and young OLs to apply for bursaries

Awards can be made toward charitable objects.  These include education, and travel which has an educational purpose.

School tours, sporting or otherwise, field trips qualify, as does travel in a GAP year if for an educational purpose.

Applicants must be under 26, and demonstrate there is a good reason for financial aid.  Applications will be assessed by the trustees, and involve school staff.

For the avoidance of any doubt, Bursaries are available to both sexes.

If you would like to apply, please fill out this initial application, and we will be in touch to provide guidance on a full application.

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